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Kelana convoy co uk options binary

Additionally, going through some of the real scary and intense sort of stuff--having gay sex in a public restroom or glory hole, or going to a strangers house to fuck--can sort of turn down the volume on other things in life. Stuff that used to be scary simply isn't anymore because you've dealt with some REAL scary shit, and survived. Some of them can have a drastic effect on your mental health.

The first thing to confront for sissies of course is whether or not you're expressing internal homophobia or misogyny. Feeling closeted can be an awful feeling. Watching people be out and proud about being gay or being trans and you yourself having impulses that you don't share can make you see yourself as a coward, or a liar, or a fake. You can feel like you're hurting people who are out, or hiding from people who scare you.

There's a lot of nuance in the sissy world about this kind of thing so I won't go at it at length, but I would encourage everyone to try to step away from those classic "is being a sissy gay" or "am i gay if i just wanna suck cock" kind of arguments. These sort of things still put the term "gay" as being this awful, OTHER thing that you don't want to be. It's inherently qualifying gay as being a worst case scenario, something to avoid, something to be afraid of.

So i would encourage you to have less fear of it as a sexual identity. It doesn't matter. What matters is how you feel about it. If, to you, having a preference to suck cock isn't any different than a slight preference for doggy style, then sure, maybe you don't have an obligation to come out as gay or bi or whatever.

Looking at some cock here and there isn't a big deal. But if for you it's causing you to feel ashamed, then consider coming out as queer or bisexual. That's what i did! For me, it was a good decision that ended up having a remarkably small effect on my life, and it separated a lot of the mental baggage i had.

I still had my secrets, nobody knew exactly WHAT i was doing with guys, but knowing that the world had an idea made me a lot less afraid to be exposed to the world, a lot less ashamed of who i was as a person. So, to summarize, it's a personal decision, but consider non-binary options. You can identify however you want, to whoever you want. Shades of gray are not only permitted, but inevitable. The next risk of being secretive concerns your partners.

Many of you are in straight relationships and you might feel like you've got past the point of no return: if you were going to tell your partner that you sometimes suck cock or that you want to wear her clothes or that you look at weird sissy hypno porn, you feel like you should have done it by now. This obviously is going to be very different from relationship to relationship. But I would strongly recommend that you open up to people you're in relationships with, and try to do it early.

The longer you're with a person the higher the odds are that they'll somehow find out what you've been up to, and if they find out that you have a whole sexual identity that they weren't aware of when they've been with you for years, this can be a very painful and traumatizing process. It isn't that the things you enjoy are inherently BAD, it's simply that you've shown that you don't trust this person to know the whole you, or to be welcomed in. You certainly don't need to tell your partner every time you jerk off or show them what porn you like unless you do that in a fun, kinky way.

In the end, you deserve to be loved and appreciated for who you really are. Secrets are fun at first; as stated above, you get a thrill out of having these secret parts to you, these things that make you unique and special. But there is a consequence to this, and that is that you'll begin to subconsciously feel that the people in your life don't know the REAL you.

You'll come to believe that your friends, family, and partners only love the version of you that you PROJECT into the world, that they only love you because of who you fake you are. And when you're in a dark place in your life and you're trying to convince yourself that you are a good person, a person who's life has meaning and value You won't be able to take comfort in it, because you'll know that they don't actually know the REAL you.

If it isn't clear, I'm talking a bit from experience here. But fear not, there is a way out. I was a man full of secrets and lies, and eventually i realized that to really enjoy my life the way i wanted to i'd have to just be honest. I worked with my partner to open up about who i am and open up our relationship so that i could get what i needed, i gave my friends loose details about me being into weird kinky stuff and didn't go into more detail than that and came out as bisexual.

And now, when my partner says she loves me, i can believe it. I know she knows the real me. And I have to tell you, my fellow perverts, having someone know the real you, know your deepest darkest feelings and secrets, and still LOVE you is just Whether it's your partner or your friends or your family, it's a very uplifting feeling.

So it takes work to communicate these things. You'll need to go out of your comfort zone. But if you get to the end of that road, you'll be happier and more free than you thought you could be. But I know that lots and lots of you fine sissies are struggling with whether to go from fantasy to reality and transition. The first and most important thing here is that there isn't anything inherently wrong with being trans!

So don't consider it a worst case scenario or anything that you should look at with dread. That said! As I stated above, there's this inherent idea of being a "sissy" that means that you know that you're a man but believe you should act like or be treated like a woman. So a lot of the porn that goes along with sissy stuff tends to deliver this tempting, taunting message that you should finally take the plunge, take the leap, give in to your true desires, and transition.

I guess I'd just say that you should jerk off and then think about it, if i'm being straight with you. We all get pretty I've done some shit. And for me personally, it does make me want to fall headlong into sissy play. I want to shave every inch of me, convert my body, throw away all my boxer shorts and be the sissy cock sucker cum dump i was meant to be. But i guess just keep in mind that real life is, in fact, real life. The fact is there just aren't all these rich guys who want to pay you to dress pretty and be their slut, and the people who do get close to that, just get a few years out of it before they age out.

So just jerk off. If not, maybe you should just chill out and enjoy that you have this ever tempting fetish that you can enjoy for the rest of your days. I'd just want to end on this: a lot of sissies feel anxiety about their personal identity because they're trying to force that identity into boxes other people have defined. Whether you're gay or straight, whether you're a male or female, whether you're full time or part time, passable or not, a slave or a pillow princess, a cum addict or just a fantasizer It's time for the result of our latest survey!

And it had participant! So thank you everyone that took time to answer those questions. Country U. Germany India Australia Canada U. Bazil France Spain Sweden Percentage Image 1. How old are you? Image 2. For the others, we have some Gender Fluids, transgenders, Bigenders, quite a lot of Non-binary, a Loli, a Furry, and nearly a Oden You wish , as well as some rude people, but I won't put up what they said. Manga or Anime?

Both Manga Only Anime Only Considering the subreddit has a lot of spoilers and is focussed around the chapter release, it's obvious there are only a few Anime Only people here. So thank you for Sticking Around, even if it the best place to avoid spoilers. For approximately how long have you been following One Piece? To give an idea, this mean they followed the series since Before the timeskip, as chapter was released at the end of August For the rest, we have roughly the same number of new readers that stays with the series.

So it's quite good to bring new blood and not have a decrease of new readers. Where does One Piece rank on your list of favorite manga? So it's kinda obvious the manga is either your favorite or in your top 3. If it isn't your number 1, what series are better than One Piece for you?

Do you own One Piece Merchandise? Subreddit Section : Do you visit OnePiece mostly on mobile or on desktop? Mobile or Apps Both Desktop Or the redesign? Redesign Old version How often do you make : a submission on OnePiece? Most of you won't ever post or comment on the subreddit.

As for the rules, there isn't any surprise since nearly every post respect the rules. This is where you will see all of them, as it's hard for them to show up on the front page of the subreddit but if it shows up on Hot, then it's a very good one. Do you only use the subreddit for the Spoiler and Chapter Discussion thread? No Yes But there is still a huge part that only use the subreddit for that.

Do you want the spoilers gone from this subreddit? After that, it seems like Chopper, Usopp, and Franky are the one people like the least out of the Straw Hat. I know it was a hard question for some of you, but the result are still interesting to know. Which Strawhat has the saddest backstory? Followed by Brook, then Sanji, Chopper and Nami. What is your favorite Yonko crew?

Which is very impressive since we haven't seen much of them. I guess Oda better delivers when it come to see them in action after Wano. Who is your favorite Admiral? Whitout him, it's Aokiji that is the favorite, followed by Fujitora. Law is the Favorite Supernova outside of the Straw Hat! Which is your favourite canon arc in One Piece? Yes No I have no opinion.

However it seems like the majority of users don't have a problem with that. Yes No What do ou thing about this? And those result are obvious. Post-Timeskip is? It's different for sure, but now we know how the community feels about that. If you could eat a Devil Fruit, what type would you want? Paramecia Zoan Logia That is surprising for me since it's obvious that Oda will make the SH fight against the World Government after they find the One Piece.

And I honestly don't see Blackbeard being the final Antagonist because of that. So people who voted for this, what was your reasoning for it? What is One Piece Biggest Flaw? Which are all fair flaws to the series. Yes No Yes but Zoro will be stronger soon 9. I expected this result, but I was still disappointed Was Zoro as strong as Luffy just after the timeskip?

Will Sanji get laid by the end of the story? Also shows that every vote counts. Will Usopp be part of the 1 Billion Club by the end of the story? Who will be the one to defeat Kaido? So give the last hit With Followed by Zoro received 6. Who will be the first SH to realize their dream? I also think the same as it's the easiest Dream to realize really. I could bet you it will happen in Elbaf.

After that, we have Luffy and Robin, and it make sense since their dreams are linked. Both can be done once they reach Laugh Tales. How many members will the crew have at the end? With Luffy And most people want 11 members total in the crew! With Who do you think wins in a 1v1 : An Emperor or an Admiral?

Yonko Admiral So it's nice to know the overall opinion of the subreddit on this question Doesn't mean it's always correct mind you. Is Mihawk emperor's level? Is Aokiji emperor's level? With Akainu winning in the end, but after a long and hard fight. And one is Emperor's level while the other isn't? I find that hard to understand.

If Oden was alive would he be stronger than Mihawk Yes No The strongest Top 3 Top 5 Top 10 Top 20 1. Who is stronger between Shanks and Mihawk? Shanks Mihawk But Shanks is an Emperor and became one after losing his arm. Is Kaido stronger now that 20 years ago? Yes, he's stronger Same level Weaker Yes Yes in Marineford only No 2 at the same time 3 at the same time 2. So depending on which side you are on, you are more likely to pick Yes or No.

Which character do you want focus on next? Will Blackbeard find the One Piece before Luffy? Oda better respond to our expectations then. As for his Bounty : Well, That remind me, I once made a poll asking people what Sabo's bounty would be since we knew it was getting revealed in a magazine soon. So maybe I will do the same for Dragon? That could be nice. Who is currently the strongest Emperor? Kaido Shanks Blackbeard Big Mom What are the fights you would want to see? At a rate of 40 chapters a year Image 5.

As you can see, most people think One Piece has at least 5 years left to go on. We will know Oda is terrible with respecting his own objectives. And this is good. The more One Piece the better. I honestly don't know how strong I want Im to be.

What arcs, after Wano, do you want? How is Blackbeard able to use multiples Devil Fruits? And right now there isn't really a major concensus in the fandom, even if the theory about it being related to the Yami Yami is more popular. Haki is : Image 6 Overall, People like Haki in the series, with a 4. How many arcs are left after Wano? Image 7 Here, it seems like the answer for the community would be arcs left.

Which would then make base don the How long One Piece has left , like a year per arc on average. Will Luffy die at the end of One Piece? Will Luffy die? He needs to survive and go on more adventures. Are Shakky and Rayleigh Mihawk's parent? I could see them taking breaks from time to time, but them staying together would be the best ending for me. Can the Red Line be destroyed with Ancient Weapons?

What is the One Piece? What sort of Devil Fruit do you want to see in the story? The most common answer was : Water Logia! Followed by Wind Logia and people wanting more mythical Zoans. What is the craziest theory you believe? Here are a few of them : Shanks is a Celestial Dragon That Vegapunk is going to flip a switch in the Pacifista programming to fight the marines at the end. Luffy's mom was a celestial dragon Devil fruits are all artificial from the void century That Finland doesn't exist Zoro is going to get Rodger's disease D's were the original Celestial Dragons Weevil was made by Vegapunk using Whitebeard's cells and then was discarded until Bakkin picked him up One of the Roger Pirates probably Scopper Gaban is on Laugh Tale waiting for whoever finds it, sort of like how Crocus and Rayleigh seem to be positioned to monitor rookie pirates Onigashima is an Oarz like skeleton and Big Mom is gonna bring it to life.

The fish that bit Shanks's arm off was Joyboy's pet Bon chan is Kin'emon's son Oda no longer draws the manga bonney and ace having a child That Perospero is going to help kill Big Mom. Dragon being former Admiral What are your favorites? And here it is, the K survey! Took me far too long to make, as I underestimated the time needed to sort the answer and create this post. Like damn. I hope you enjoyed it. The anwers for the Survey Saga will be up next in some time. But I really want to throw down the whole thing here, just on the off-chance I can inspire one single person to keep going and not give up.

One year ago yesterday, I fell hard and sprained the shit out of my ankle while on a punishment run. Food and diet owned my thoughts; my day was determined to be bad or good by whether the scale was up or down in the morning. It was hateful. Anyways, I reached a fork in the road on October 28th, , where I was either going to descend fully into a full-blown eating disorder, or I was going to fix this shit once and for all. I came across IE accidentally and connected with the concept instantly.

Lemme tell ya, this part was messy. I ate allllllll the things. For six whole weeks I ate basically nothing but carbs. Even the sight of vegetables made me gag, after 20 years of force-feeding them to myself. Of course, I gained some weight pretty rapidly, at least 30lbs. So anyways, after this phase things leveled out into this calm space.

I would not have got there without my coach, Courtney Hill, who was there with a truck and a winch every time I fell in a ditch. I struggled with body image, initially. But it forced me to find some strategies. Buy some new clothes, change my thoughts. And I totally have.

Nah I just roll around now with a new kind of confidence. I just focus on rocking my life and being an amazing mom, wife, and manager. I picked up meditating which has been critically important in this wild pandemic year. Will I ever fit into my wedding dress again?

Do I care? Also nah. I bought new clothes that I feel hot and awesome in. In September, I was finally feeling ready to work out hard again, after a whole year of throwing in the towel. Anyways, I started working out with a personal trainer and absolutely love it.

I just smashed a lb deadlift yesterday and feel like a fucking beast. I feel healthy. My hair, skin, and nails are luscious. I have energy. I sleep. Going to keep this simple. I am generally risk averse. I am generally frugal. But, I somehow had no issues losing 10k in options How I started I remember my first trades like they were yesterday.

I was the king of buying the peak in run-ups. I managed to make it out of close to break-even to slightly down. WSB Era March was my first option trade. I was addicted! I day-dreamed for days about my AXP over night success.

I wanted to hit it BIG. I convinced myself that I would have no problems being patient for the exact criteria that I had set and worked on some other trades. Remember, the first win is always free. I was trading options pretty regularly from March until August During my best week I was up 20k and could feel the milli within reach. I can remember the exact option trade HTZ and I was trading weeklies on it. For those who have been in the market long enough, you will remember the huge drawdown of August I lost half my account value on QCOM calls of them that I followed at the beginning of July and never materialized.

I watched them eventually go to 0. It was another 10, block that was probably a hedge or sold. In August there were some issues with China and all of us woke up to stocks gapping down huge. I quickly learned that an increase in volatility causes a rise in option prices and I was paying a premium for calls that were going to lose value very quickly the infamous IV crush.

My broker was loving it. I tried all the services, all the strategies. I created rules for my option plays: 1. No earnings 2. Only follow the big buys at a discount 10, blocks or more. No weekly options 4. Take profit right away 5. Take losses quickly 6. I had a whole note book of option plays that I was writing down and following. I was paying for option services that all of you know about - remember, they make money on the services and not trading. I was able to day trade the option and make money, who cares if I didnt have enough?

After a few months of this, I got a call from my broker that told me to stop and that I would be suspended if I continued with this. Lost it all. Started taking money from lines of credits, every penny that I earned and losing it quicker and quicker.

I was a full on gambler but I was convinced that 8 trades would offset all the losses. I kept getting drawn in to the idea that I could hit a homerun and make it out a hero. I eventually hit rock bottom on some weekly expiring FSLR options that I bought hours before expiration and said to myself - what the f are you doing? I resolved to invest for the long term and stop throwing tendies away.

The feeling was reinforced during the birth of my first born and I thought - what a loser this kid will think of me if he knew how much I was gambling and wasting my life. It was a really powerful moment looking at my kid and reflecting on this idea. I decided at that point I was going to save every penny I had and invest it on new issues with potential.

They paid out and managed to make it over k within the year. The first k was hard but once I crossed it, I never fell below this magic number. I did gamble on a few options here and there but never more than 1k. Fortunately my winners were much bigger than my losers.

I thought about giving up and moving to index funds - but i was doing well - just experiencing large drawdowns because of leverage. Believe it or not this was right before the covid crash. I am constantly changing and testing my investment strategy but let me tell you that obsessing over 1 or 2 ideas and throwing every penny at it and holding for a few years is the best strategy.

It may not work at some point but right now it does. I still day trade but I trade with 10k or less on each individual position. I finally crossed into the two , club. I know people are going to ask for proof or ban but I am not earning anything for posting and the details about some of the trades should be proof enough that I kept a detailed journal of it all. I have way more to write but these are the highlights.

Eventually I will share how I build a position in a story I love. I still sell buy and sell to early but I am working on improving. TL:DR - I gambled, lost it all and gambled some more lost more. I made it out alive. The one common denominator in all successful people is how much they obsess over 1 or 2 ideas. Do the same. Stick with new stories or ones that are changing and go all in It is that time once more, folks.

Links to previous posts at the end, links to full length blog reviews are all in one comment. Primary Driver:????????? Bechdel Test : Pass Technobabble: Frequent. Review: Imagine if you took subplots from a trashy romance, a political thriller, a horror flick, and a space travel story Starts decently, spirals wildly out of control with astounding speed. Almost worth reading to experience the hilarious concluding deus ex machina.

This one is probably in the "so bad it's good category" - but sweet skittles is it bad. Also, turn on safe search if you look this book up. Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang by Kate Wilhelm Plot: After a pandemic causes infertility and every other apocalypse hits , the only way for humans to survive is through cloning. But are they really human? Review: Disappointing and disjointed. There are a lot of messages here that just get blended together to nothingness.

Cumbersome writing, uncompelling characters, bland dystopia, and just a dull story. Odd choices on where to discuss science at length and where to just skip over it. First third was its own story originally, and is the best part.

Review: This book is truly horrifying to read. It's about the gruesome nature of animal testing - and cruelty to animals in general - and is chock full of graphic animal gore. It's the child of The Jungle and Animal Farm but without subtext.

Consider checking it out to read a couple of chapters - the grotesque fascination wears thin. Some might consider the unambiguous use of Nazi imagery for animal testing to be a step or three too far. Gateway by Frederik Pohl Plot: The Heechee left behind technology so advanced that we cannot understand it; that doesn't stop us from using it to get rich or die trying.

Very yes. Review: Really good. Cleverly bounces between the story as it unfolds and therapy sessions afterwards - we know that our hero survives, but something terrible has happened. A bit too Freudian. Still, excellent job of making a complex protagonist, interesting world, compelling story. Wanting to know what went wrong kept me reading - and it pays off. The Silmarillion by J. Tolkien Plot: Turns out Middle Earth had other jewelry too.

Review: This is epic fantasy in its purest form; it is myth and legend, at times obtuse, but absolutely riveting. Tolkien's world is fully immersive. Had the physical book to follow the story, the audiobook for pronunciation, and laptop for family trees. Absolutely worth it - even as a casual LoTR fan. Our Lady of Darkness by Fritz Leiber Plot: Something sinister is haunting Franz Westen, and dealing with it involves unearthing answers that might be best left buried.

Review: This is a horror story. Atmosphere is excellent. Book begins with some truly unsettling images and world building. The narrative itself is slow and frequently self-indulgent, but atmosphere stays on point. A qualified recommendation; but some scenes from this will stick with me for quite a while. Dreamsnake by Vonda N. McIntyre Plot: Long after the end of the world as we know it, Snake wanders the world, healing those she meets to the best of her abilities.

Review: Less-is-more world building with good execution. A lot of interesting tidbits to keep you wondering what the rules are, who the people are, and so on. Story itself can be slow and stakes are consistently low. Gloriana, or The Unfulfill'd Queen by Michael Moorcock Plot: In an alternate timeline, Queen Elizabeth I rules over the vast empire of Albion and must do her best to manage a corrupt and twisted court.

Review: This book is remarkable in that it combines shockingly dull and lengthy exposition with some truly awful and problematic ideas about sex. A whole lot of parallel world court intrigue that just does not matter at all. The actual plot starts developing halfway or later into the book - and is not interesting. The title addressing Gloriana's inability to orgasm is a big ol' red flag.

A deeply unpleasant read. Really awful. The Fountains of Paradise by Arthur C. Clarke Plot: Humans have built many marvels, but nothing can compete with a space elevator. Review: Overall enjoyable. Main narrative is about the space elevator, secondary is about an equally ambitious ancient building project - woven together in interesting ways.

The science and vision offered are interesting, though characters are not and tension is infrequent. Marred somewhat by some truly bizarre and underdeveloped side plots and unnecessary epilogue. McKillip Plot: All the wizards left behind were riddles, and the only one who might be able to solve them is the biggest riddle of all.

Review: It's an epic fantasy trilogy. It's a good one. Kinda loved it. Heroes and villains are complex, magic is interesting and coherent. Excellent characters. Cool development of powers, though it is far more power sprint than power crawl. Pacing can be odd; a few long pauses followed by frenetic scenes. Very well written. A satisfying read. Watchtower by Elizabeth A. Lynn Plot: The Southerners picked the wrong keep to invade; Ryke will do everything he can to get it back.

Review: The sweet, sweet taste of subpar writing. World building: "You people from the hot South are not used to how cold it is here up North! I don't just need to indiscriminately murder people?! The room was hot. He went to the window to open the shutters.

They stuck. He had to force the latch. At last one opened. Review: It is hard to find such a dumb book that takes itself so seriously. Some legitimately interesting exploration bits not enough to redeem this one. Extremely juvenile. Raises interesting questions and offers insultingly insipid answers. There are elements that are quite good - particularly some crisp dialogue - but it's just not worth it.

Fire away! People like you are what make this endeavor worth the effort. I try to put up new reviews as fast as I read them. Take a look in the comments for that link! The Bechdel Test is a simple question: do two named female characters converse about something other than a man. Whether or not a book passes is not a condemnation so much as an observation; it provides an easy binary marker. Seems like a good way to see how writing has evolved over the years.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond - we had over 1, responses, which is great! As always, neither myself nor this survey are associated with Intelligent Systems or Nintendo in any way. Please direct feedback about the game itself to the official channels. Carlos Matteoli [Q-BO]. Carlos Primo, a graphic designer from Madrid, created the super-techno typeface Sector 85 , and the subdued blackletter family Der Neue Gutenberg Carlos was educated in Venezuela.

Carolina Giovagnoli. Carolina is currently based in Berlin. Andada is a warm text typeface designed specially for Argentinian and Paraguayan Guarani text. It was commercially released at Huerta Tipografica in as Andada ht Pro.

Robots ht , which uses layering to construct robots, won an award at Tipos Latinos There is a useful accompanying font called Robots HT Arrows. Caladea is based on Lato and is metric-compatible with Microsoft's Cambria. The Latin part is based on Torresi's Telex It is based on the original Latin typeface Andada, a serif typeface for text.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-based creator of Space Tracker , sci-fi face. Chantra Ngamrahong. Thai type designer located in Pattaya. Creator of Modkanfire , stylish display face , the style techno family Dee , and the 3-style Dee Serif His type designs: Accelerator. Ballet Mechanique A custom-designed unicase font for musician Jeroen Borrenbergs, aka Ballet Mechanique.

Corporaet A 5-style humanistic sans intended for corporate branding. Cucaracha , Volcano Type. It includes Cucaracha Icons. Encrypted Wallpaper is a playful squarish typeface for creating textual wallpapers and decorations. Free at MyFonts. Insider A custom sans face done for Insider Consulting in Duesseldorf, German.

It became retail in , and is sold as a warm grotesque family. Its bright side is a versatile corporate font with an unexpected twist. Its dark side is awakened by creepy OpenType features, ligatures, swashes, and alternate glyphs, making it mutate into the evil Mr.

Kris A vampire script or haunted house typeface co-designed with Corrie Smetsers. Maastricht Sport. Based on Insider. A highly personal script font, custom made from the handwriting of Maastricht-based film producer Jean-Paul Toonen, dating back to His handwriting is very dynamic, artistic and a tasteful blend between roman and italic style. A hand lettered logo font for the electric Meijs Motorman moped. This typeface was commissioned by design agency Stoere Binken Design.

In , the octagonal typeface Nantua was offered for free download at Dafont. Nordic Narrow is a clean, stylistic font with a Scandinavian touch. For an early development of the Nordic series, see Nordic A , sans, sold through Fountain. Nordic Narrow Pro was published in Plan Reethi Rah A great text typeface for editorial use, named after a resort on The Maldives. Savant A free informal face.

ShellShock A military stencil typeface. An educational typeface commissioned by Noordhoff Publishers. SidB stands for Schrijven in de Basisschool writing in elementary school and is an independent method to teach kids elementary school writing. Not for sale. Siventi Logo Wide A Startrek face. The concept behind the handlettered Siventi logo was a playful concept, a colorful corporate identity that would change appearance like a chameleon to fit its purpose.

Fresh and friendly on poppy plastic products, serious and distinguished on office desk materials. Vagebond is a monoline elliptical geometric font that is inspired by 60s television design. He co-founded Stoere Binken Design.

Volcano Type link. Fountain Type link. Charles Casimiro [Charles Casimiro Design]. Charles Casimiro Design [Charles Casimiro]. American creator of the 4-style typeface family Airborne , an octagonal set of typefaces that is used on hulls of ships like the USS Enterprise. In , he published the sleek and ultra-modern monoline sans typeface family Qonora. Parisian designer, b. Creator of the futuristic typeface Astroneo Home page of his company, Astroneo.

Chequered Ink est. Their business is based in Bath, England but they currently reside in Newport, Wales. That font collection was merged with Chequered Ink. As of early , they designed fonts, virtually all downloadable at Fontspace. For detailed attributions, we have: Fonts by Allison James.

Fonts by Daniel Johnston. Collaborative fonts. Choz Cunningham [Exclamachine Type Foundry]. Oudtshoorn, South Africa-based creator of the High Tech font family , sci-fi. Chris Varosy [Primitive Spark]. Both fonts are free and have tons of glyphs that cover many unicode pages, including mathematical symbols, Greek, Coptic and Hebrew. It is quite possiblebut I am not sure of that--that this Bank Gothic family member is the only one that has such a coverage. Tim is working on Brampton.

I have made conscious choices to deviate from existing designs. Yet it is strongly inspired by them, of course, particularly Michael Doret's DeLuxe Gothic, in that Squarish Sans has a true lower case as well as small caps. It should fit the bill should you have need of a Bank Gothic face. If you do, you remember it's iconic logo font, Modula Tall. There are no free alternatives to Modula Tall, and the few similar fonts miss important aspects of its character.

I wanted to create a typeface inspired by the appearance of Modula Tall in Marathon. The lowercase of Modula Tall didn't fit the Marathon "feel" at all, for me, so I have redesigned the miniscules, to carry the signature look throughout. In , he finished the pixelish typeface Looks Like Spht.

It also includes regular Hebrew. Aka Christ Trekker. Innsbruck-based Austrian designer of the techno typeface Jethose Home page resets your screen!!! Istanbul-based graphic and type designer, music writer, radio programmer, DJ, and illustrator. Creator of the techno typeface A Wi Fi Type designer of Babylon Centaur and Babylon Industrial 2.

American designer in Jackson Heights, NY b. Another Fontspace link. Small Startrek archive. Shanghai, China-based designer b. Designer of the imaginary Alien Script FontStructor who cloned the futuristic movie typeface Tron Legacy from another FontStructor, "smallbar". Designer at FontStruct in of the futuristic display typeface Galaxy.

Coert De Decker [Kustomtype]. Standard Galactic Alphabet font. Computer Safari located in Woodland, CA is a foundry whose earlys fonts, all made by Jay Pierstorff, are still around in some archives. The other fonts can be bought on the SafariGold CD. FontStructor who made the trekky video game typeface Corbitron Cornel Windlin [Lineto].

Dead link. Stephan Baitz's informative page about Ancient Scripts and Fonts, including fantasy fonts, alien and sci-fi fonts, Blackletter fonts, uncials, runes, symbolic fonts, Indic simulation fonts, Arabic simulation fonts such as Caliph and exotic fonts.

Lots of links are provided as well. Fonts are displayed an can be downloaded from an archive. His page looks great too. These are all made by Fumika Pantograph. The foundry is under reconstruction but its fonts survive at TypOasis.

Designer in at FontStruct of the futuristic typeface Constellation. Kansas City, MO-based designer of the modular typeface Apollo Graphic designer in Brisbane, Australia. Creator of the modular sci-fi typeface Robotica and of the ornamental caps typeface Byron Daze Designer of the sci-fi typeface Andromeda , the signature typeface Astella , the sans typefaces Qualy and Roto , and the monoline connected script typeface Holla Olla Criovision is a visual identity company.

Over at Dafont, one can download Criovision , a futuristic all caps typeface. Their offices are in Lima, Peru and Paracin, Serbia. Mexican designer b. Critzler [Thomas Bierschenk]. His company is called Critzler Font Investigation. Before , he was an East-German sign painter. Antonio Cerri b. In , he made Labyrinthus , a multilined all caps family: inspect each glyph and note that there is one point of entrance and one exit. Still in , the decorative family Atlantide and the futuristic all caps typeface Silver Chisel appeared.

In , he designed the techno family Steel. Typefaces from Firebird techno, automotive, speed font family. In , he made Luna Crescente , a layered multicolor 3d typeface. Typefaces from Labyrinthus Pro labyrinthine. View Antonio Cerri's typefaces. Cumberland, MD, Typefaces by S. Why so limited? I built it for one thing and one thing only, so it only had what it needed. I never expected to see it spread across the globe on buses, TV and movie screens, book coves, web-banners, lottery tickets, signs and clothing.

I also never expected it to introduce me to roller derby girls a whole team of them! At Apostrophic Lab in , he designed FuturexApocalypse. The Temphis Runes font set is commercial. Wikipedia link. Free downloads. His site is also called Mockingbird Font Works. Cyberian Khatru [Ronnie Cruz]. Cyberian Khatru is a studio specializing in logos and fonts inspired by fantasy, science fiction, and comic books.

Its founder is Filipno type designer Ronnie Cruz , b. Cyberian Khatru is located in Hayward, CA. His fonts include techno and gothic typefaces such as Bone Voyage , Iron Warrior , octagonal , and Jupiter Squadron futuristic. Shanghai Babe is an oriental simulation face. Blue Thunderbird is based on native American symbolism. Brush With Death is a brush face.

Byrning Bridgez is a trekkie font. Dadan Sukma Nurdiansyah [Dasukreation]. Perth, Australia-based scientist, b. He created Gou'ald Decorative which is a symbol font based on the Gou'ald hieroglyphics seen on Stargate. He also designed Extragalactic language cypher Creator of the free font Dream MMA , a sci-fi typeface. Monterrey, Mexico-based creator of the sci-fi typeface Space Type Graphic and web designer in Minneapolis.

He created InvasionSans , a custom typeface based on a poster for the 's classic Invasion of the Green Space-Men. Daniel U. Thibault [Urhixidur Fonts Type Foundry]. These were mostly made with the help of FontStruct. Brush typefaces include Scribble Scrawl Quezon City, The Philippines-based designer of the free sci-fi typeface Space Dasukreation [Dadan Sukma Nurdiansyah].

Indonesian logo designer, b. Creator of these sci-fi typefaces in Nevan an all caps logo font , Steronite, Dirga, Gorva. He also designed the script typeface Myrtale Fontspace link for Davalign LLC. Devian tart link. Dave Hill [aarrgghh! Dave Rowland [Schizotype]. David A. Designer of Lunar Sans Rovinjsko Selo, Croatia-based designer of the free sci-fi techno typeface Kontakt This is Startrek stuff. David Martin [David Pustansky was: 24hourbauer. Treehouse Graphic Design was David Occhino's font outlet.

It is now called David Occhino Design. The Treehouse collection specialized in Startrek, futuristic, Disney and Indiana Jones style fonts, but has widened lately. Signage typefaces: Craftsmen , Craftsmen Ornaments Art Deco Fonts: Aeronaut ; Aeronaut 2. Education Fonts: School. Western fonts: Big Thunder David Pustansky was: 24hourbauer. David Pustansky b. He published many free fonts, but then became inactive ca. In , he resurrected as David Pustansky. Home page of David Pustansky.

Based in Milan, Italy, Davide Piscitelli created the futuristic compass-and-ruler typeface Trnk in Designer of dead Space a video game display typeface , Lontara a space travel font , and Nebula Debora Soares [Soares]. Youngster from the UK, b. Designer of the minimalist geometric font Stark Tech Some Babylon 5 fonts. Dene Studios [James Partington]. Known as James Dene or James Partington.

Dennis Ludlow [Sharkshock]. Old URL. Aka Isurus Labs. Design Tourist [Henning Brehm]. Calling himself a design tourist, German designer Henning Brehm makes fonts for films. His company in Berlin is also called Design Tourist. This family could originally be bought at Gestalten , but in the typeface was added to the Vette Letters collection. In , he published Kraut , a round outline face, and Koffer a screen font family.

A first version of Kimchi was created for Papa Songan underground fast food restaurant in a futuristic Neo Seoul in the year It was used for the menus, advertisement and packaging. Canadian designer of the dot matrix typeface Galactic Spaceport Device Fonts [Rian Hughes]. Rian Hughes studied at the LCP in London before working for an advertising agency, i-D magazine, and a series of record sleeve design companies. Under the name Device he now provides design and illustration for the advertising, entertainment, publishing, and media industries.

He works from Richmond, UK, as a comic book artist, letterer and typefounderhis foundry is called Device. He creates mostly display type. List of fonts. Review by Yves Peters. Monotype Imaging page. Interview by Die Gestalten. Various overlapping font listings, still unorganized. T releases in Klickclack, Hawksmoor grunge , Heretic, Ironbridge old letter simulation , Battery Park grunge , Chase grunge , Cheapside grunge , Dazzle multiline art deco , Diecast grunge , and Forge grunge.

T releases in Automoto fat multiline deco face , Straker organic. Also from Mission Sinister grunge , Gonzalez grunge. FontBros release in Filmotype Modern. Other Filmotype series fonts include Filmotype Miner , Filmotype Manchester , Filmotype Meredith , Filmotype Marlette , Filmotype Mansfield , Filmotype Power and Filmotype Major this is based on a typeface used as the titling font for the popular children's book by Dr. Other fonts: Degradation grunge.

Creations in Pod , fat round stencil , Korolev , a style monoline sans family based on communist propaganda from , DF Agent of the Uncanny , brush face , DF Destination Unknown , Kafkaesque brush , DF Maraschino Black a sleek , sophisticated high-contrast swash capital font. Named in honor of Sergey Pavlovich Korolyov, or Korolev, considered to be the father of practical astronomics. Typefaces from Wulf Utility grungy , Charterhouse an aggressive black sans , Filmotype Melon after a original, this is an offbeat Googie era doo-wop typeface , Filmotype Melody similar to Melon , Filmotype Mellow also similar to Melon , Raw worn wood type , Cadogan a rhythmic connected script , Whiphand brush face , Steed heavy codensed masculine sans inspired by the titles of the Avengers TV show , State Stencil Clean and Rough: in the style of Futura Black , Korolev Military Stencil named after Sergei Korolev, father of Soviet astronautics, and based on signs from the Red Army parade of , Armstrong a s automobile font.

Typefaces from Hours numerals font. Typefaces from Typex an angular yet rounded monospaced typewriter or OCR-style typeface based on the lettering used on Alan Turing's and Tutte's famous code-breaking machine at Bletchley Park, the Bombe, and the subsequent British answer to the German Enigma machine, the Typex , Serenity a legible sans family.

Typefaces from Rutherford , Salvation a potato cut font , Kano inspired by the work of Dutch furniture designer and architect Gerrit Rietveld, one of the principal members of the Dutch artistic movement De Stijl , Rogue Sans Nova , Fairtrade rough-edged font , Goddess Victoriana , Neuropa a five-weight semi-extended sans that projects a muscular corporate authority , Worthington Arcade a caps-only lapidary typeface , Zeno a piano key stencil typeface , Vektra an experimental crosshatch-textured typeface , Recon a quartz display font , Kinesis Kinesis is inspired by the work of Dutch furniture designer and architect Gerrit Rietveld, one of the principal members of the Dutch artistic movement De Stijl.

It is a modular headline font, constructed from white, black and grey overlapping rectangles , Freehouse Freehouse is a reinterpretation of the well-remembered Watney's logo, a brewery and pub chain infamous for its poor quality beer and brutalist decor.

Typefaces from Gerson Rand , Gravesend Sans an all caps sans family based on the unique typeface used for the iconic grass-green signage for the now-defunct Southern Railway in England. Typefaces from Breach a display typeface with partitioned capital letters , Epiphany stencil , Aurore Grotesque an elegant geometric art deco sans family with small x-height , Faculty a geometric sans with large x-height , Fathom a flared serif typeface , Atomette a stylized comic book typeface family , Conquera a stylish extended caps-only font in five weights plus an inline , Dare a tape font, that borrows a pinch of the hand-drawn swagger of Bauer's Cartoon designed in by H.

Trafton , used as Dan Dare's signature logo in the British boy's comic Eagle, and also the upward-pointing serifs of machine-moderne typefaces such as Dynamo designed by K. Typefaces from Grange Text a style sans , Wilko a fat rounded poster typeface , Farthing a 5-style wedge serif. FontShop link. Dezyner Records was: Dezyne. Sebastian Bentler at Dezyner Records is the German designer b.

German designer b. An orphaned oblique techno typeface from Dikas Studio [Andika Setiawan]. Bogor, Indonesia-based designer b. His early fonts at Dikas Studio include the hand-crafted display typeface Hantam Mereka , the letterpress emulation font Caredrock , 14 styles , the vintage label font Redvolve , Sunday Quotes , the spurred Victorian typefaces Bohem and Sadis , Besitoea , a vintage Sunburst collection , the spurred Caringin and Dramaga and Sherlock , the sci-fi typeface Space Weel sic , the vintage Savaro , the free poster typeface Kalemun , and the mix-and-match poster typeface family Bollo I am really at a loss hereat Behance , we read that Nuryana Fajartama designed some of these fonts like Sadis and Dramaga.

Moscow-based designer of the Russian church style typeface Russian Texture , the Latin piano key typeface Crude , and the Latin font Diorius In , he designed the Star Trek font Omega. Bandung, Indonesia-based designer of Futurist 6 Yogyakarta, Indonesia-based designer b. Typefaces from Billionary a 7-style slab serif , Magelo a thin-slabbed serif; seven styles , Miguel a tuxedoed mini-serif typeface in seven styles , Chicago Makers a fine vintage decorative serif; eight styles , Feeling Steady a dry brush script , Flatlion a monolinear script , Javyer a thin script , Romely a 7-style fashionable Peignotian typeface , Billastim a thin and wild script , Universe futuristic, octagonal , Wertign a thin and wild script , Boomber Rockstar a graffiti font , Vintage Rovery a plumpish decorative serif , Starstone squarish, modular , Vintage Rovery a plumpish decorative serif , Portaly a rounded monolinear sans , Spaceline a sci-fi font.

Diogo Pisoeiro. Tomar, Portugal-based designer of the angular typeface Aga , Alpha , sci-fi , Espasmo , futuristic and triangular, in 22 weights: Ten Dollar Fonts , Espasmo Hand , a curvy version , Ladoni , an angular version of Bodoni , the futuristic monoline typeface Omega , and of the very experimental families Xing Xang Xung and Que In , he started a commercial foundry.

Typefaces from include Barceloneta an alchemic typeface at Ten Dollar Fonts and Magna a gorgeous fat didone typeface. Cargocollective link. Even though they are free, these are some of the best fonts around in this genre.

Cambrideshire, UK-based surreal artist, b. Creator of the futuristic typeface Cyborn Dismantle Destroy [Matthew Tyndall]. Creator of Arrivals and Departures , sans display face , Ask My Flashlight , a bold and bouncy comic book style face , Quiet the Thief , spurred face , Raila Skies , a hand-printed typeface done with Ralia Staggs , Hello Arson , grunge , and Badcap , grunge. Typefaces from Monster Monster. The free typefaces at Dafont included the grunge typeface Devotion and Desire , and Something Dangerous, and the hand-printed typeface Meet The Submarine Many more were added to the free list in San Salvador, El Salvador-based illustrator.

Designer of the oriental simulation typeface La Oriental , the casual typeface Cipote , the wide sans typeface Draper , the fat display typeface Hornet , the free athletic lettering font Varsity Team , the free all caps comic book typefaces Benja and Sivar Regular , the fat rounded sans Yeyey , kawaii-inspired , the rounded sans typeface Lola , the display typeface Contrastes , and the free cartoon font JuanMikes Typefaces from Puerto a vintage titling sans , Only You an upright script , Pupusa.

Japanese foundry, formerly Alt Rivet. Superb free fonts: Route , a sans designed for legibility , Eunomia , a sci-fi sans , Seshat , Penna , beautiful hairline sans , Ferrum roman capitals inspired by the logo of the Final Fantasy series , Medio didone , Vegur sans , all developed from until Tenderness is a high-legged beauty of art deco heritage loosely inspired by Garamond and Optima. They published the sans family Aileron in as well.

Open Font Library link for Aileron. American designer b. Fremont, MI-based designer of the sci-fi typeface Space Poster Everything he touches turns to gold. Manchester was: Sheffield , UK-based creator of these typefaces: Paper Cut a geometric typeface. American designer of the artificial language typeface Old Kicoereian French designer of the beautiful futuristic font Dream Forge Classic Milwaukee, WI-based graphic designer.

He used geometric patterns to create the futuristic typeface Orion Johannesburg, South Africa-based creator of the free sci-fi typeface Ayor Thin Designer of the trekkie font Standard Galactic Alphabet. American designer of the squarish futuristic typeface ET Vega Aka Alex Svan and Jack Originally from Mexico City b.

He designed the futuristic typeface Neutronium He created the experimental typefaces Kooler o Normal , Naujoks Love and Edgarpiramide and the comic book typeface Jeronimo Cartoon Abstractfonts link. Additional link. Nouval, and Ega Nugraha. Bandung, Indonesia-based designer of mainly modular typefaces. He created these typefaces in Nine Tail, Meatballs a layered signage script , Rohman, Roundfra a modular typeface , the preppy handlettered typeface Mirinia, the brush font Hummer, the deco typeface Coet, the script typefaces Ghost smooth and with high contrast , Ora et Labora, and Lisna, the hand-crafted Sild, the marker font Winkdeep, the brush script Oppy Sahra, Cully Mac, Terry Bruce, Gliford, and the art deco sans typeface Allorta.

In , he published the hexagonal sci-fi typeface Hiveline. Designer who created the artificial language typeface Dreyconicean and the handwriting typeface WhateverHand Melbourne, Australia-based designer of the trekkie typeface Hyperdrive Gary Elfring's company in Wasco, IL, which was founded in , sold many fonts in the early s, often adaptations of well-known fonts.

It is presently based in St. Charle, IL. An oriental simulation face, EchoCaps , is here. Dafont carries some of their free fonts, including the futuristic typeface Earth Elwin Berlips [FontMeister]. Embe Studio [Malgorzata Bartosik]. Graphic designer in Warsaw, Poland, who created the cosmic family Solanum and deco typeface Bohemaz in Stockholm, Sweden-based designer of the freZ sci-fi typeface Systema London-based British type designer who obtained an MA in typeface design from the University of Reading in Her graduation typeface is the oldstyle typeface Milvus , created specifically for periodicals and books.

Typecache link. Designer in Cambridge, UK, who created the minimalist poster typeface galaxy in Ankara, Turkey-based designer of the sci-fi typeface Futuristic Side Designer of the futuristic typeface Psychotron , FontStruct.

Designer of Cocoon , a magnificent free decorative typeface inspired by aliens. Graphic design and photography student in Santa Ana, El Salvador, who created the sci-fi typeface Cometa Jason Wohlstadter's small categorized archive, specializing for now in futuristic fonts. Willemstad, Curacao-based designer of the free thin techno typeface Futrista and its free companion Futrista Two In , he published the free futuristic display typeface Mordak.

Eric Kurniawan [Burntilldead]. Erik Bruun b. In he founded his own design studio, where he produced the most of his work. Bruun's work includes posters , postcards, stamps. He also designed the reverse sides of the last ever series of the Finnish Markka banknotes in Metal Rebel evolved in into the Snubfighter family , jointly with Iconian.

URL at Fontfreak. He also calls himself Erik Stormtrooper. Dutch designer of the handwriting typeface Erwin and the grunge typefaces Appendix and Airswinger In , he made Airswing Headline , futuristic. He also uses the names Airswinger and Erwin Vader. Norwegian designer b. Creator of nittenaattifire , sans , Temanotica , futuristic sans , Asphyxiate , handwriting , Analfabet , hand-printed , Gladatur Rum , Bob-Filled , Parallello , a gorgeous futuristic typewriter serif , Fregne Myriad , childish hand , Looksky-Font , pixel face , unborneditrion , pixel face , Finder , Unintended , dot matrix face.

These include the display typeface Petal Glyph , Avante Go , avant-garde and Avante Return , avant-garde. He also created the free comic book fonts Happy Sans , beatnik style and Happy Serif , Diagano , monoline avant-garde sans , the trekkie typeface Dark Future , and Neon 80s , a rounded sans in the style of VAG Round but more so a faux neon font.

Spyced evokes Arabian nights, lava lamps, and Indian mystery. In , he added the octagonal trekkie font Commander Edge. Links to about ten free font sites and to Startrek sites. Ethan Paul Dunham [Fonthead Design]. Eugene Bunin. Graphic designer based in Kyrgyzstan. In , Eugene Bunin and Christine Beginskaya released the futuristic partly stencil typeface family Gluon. In , Eugene released Kellion a cyberpunk typeface , Hellebore inspired by the logo and the game Mortal Shel , the dystopian typeface Dredger , the futuristic typeface Akrux , the retro-modern all caps sans typeface Inlow and Esm a 6-style low contrast Swiss sans for Latin, Greek and Cyrillic.

Typefaces from Dissidia , Arkham an all caps tattoo font , Transmetropolitan a piano key typeface , Aurelac a sharp-edged display font. Exclamachine Type Foundry [Choz Cunningham]. Choz Cunningham b. Until , exclamachine published free fonts. In , it went commercial via MyFonts. Aka Graphic Hunter. Known as Zephyr Kenshin or Extreme Anime, this software developer designed the artificial character font Syxian Aka EyeCone, based in The Philippines. Typefaces from Karisma script , Mismo a heavy all caps typeface , Mismo campus for athletic lettering , Himagsikan modular , Chronic System, Game Battles octagonal , Simplicity Extend.

Italian creator of the futuristic family Nuvolari , which was designed while he was studying at the Politecnico in Milan. Pastori is based in Bareggio. Fajrin Ilhamy [Grewfont Studio]. Fantasy fonts archive. Australian designer b. In , he released the sci-fi typeface Jupitex. Fat retro and signpainter typefaces: Stephen Coles's List. Stephen Coles points out the fattest retro typefaces, as well as many of his favorite signpainter typefaces in the FontShop store.

Stephen Coles points out the fattest techno and futuristic typefaces in the FontShop store. This is a list of odd fat typefaces in the FontShop catalog, as compiled by Stephen Coles in Hiroyuki Watanabe fatdesign is a Japanese free font maker whose motto is It is one vomited by the individual. Designer at FontStruct in of fatbitboy. Graphic designer in Tatui, Brazil, who designed Satellis Type , a hexagonal sci-fi typeface.

During his graphic design studies at Concordia University in Montreal, Feipe Munoz created the free sci-typeface Crystal Ferry Septian [Uncurve]. Fewell Foundry [Martin Fewell]. Martin Fewell is the type designer who started the Fewell foundry in London, and who runs MartinFewell. His techno fonts are available from [T]: Assembler , a paperclip face , Mechwar , Techstep , Sushi , Synthesis , a techno font family and Turbo And now also from MyFonts. View Martin Fewell's typefaces.

Figuree Studio [Icep Anwar Fadhil]. Ciamis, Indonesia-based designer, b. Rome, Italy-based designer of the modular sci-fi typeface Gopale Sans Filiz Sahin is an American interactive designer, originally from Istanbul. Muscle Type is a free EPS-format font inspired by bundles of muscles. Sablon is an organic all-caps type family. Hair Type consists of strands of hair. Dooooodle Type are doodled ornamental caps. El Yazi is a 2d and 3d school script font on EPS format.

Cosmo Path is a free spaceship-inspired EPS vector font. Che's Bone is a bone-themed typeface. Mood Type , free is a beautiful EPS-format font that takes inspiration from modern Swedish furniture. Doodleista is a condensed poster face. Typefaces from Look Up a hand-drawn arrowed poster typeface. Typefaces from Mink free hand-printed font. Typefaces from Tonton a children's book font , Tonton Green crocodile skin texture. Freeware, truetype. The site disappeared. Designer of the sahrp-edged sci-fi typeface Nerik Initially, it offered fresh free designs of classics.

In , it went commercial. Their fonts: Bodoni Flnk. CNR lineare : athletic lettering. Didot Flnk. Doppio Senso : inspired by the traffic signal typeface in Italy, Transport D. Elettra A transitional typeface with extra long serifs and several didone traits. For display work. Flanker : classical roman face. Flanker Garaldus Based on a font by Aldo Novarese.

Griffo Flnk : A multistyle family after typefaces like Bembo. Imperator : a classical roman face. Italian Typewriter A family of monospaced typewriter typefaces based on Italian typewriters of the thirties and forties. Lello : another classical roman face. Magnificat : after Friedrich Peter's ornamental font from Free download at Dafont. Marantz : fat art deco face, after the logo of the sound system company. Marlboro Flnk : ultra condensed and tall. Poliphili This is a serious attempt at a revival of the elegant typeface used in Hypnerotomachia Poliphili , publ.

Aldus Manutius that was cut by Francesco da Bologna. That roman font in turn was a revised version of the type used in for Pietro Bembo's De Aetna. Flanker Ruano Based on a chancery typeface by Raffaelo Bertieri Selene A monoline sans. Shock to the system : an original in the cyberpunk style. Sony : after the Sony logo letters. There's nothing money can't buy : a sans. Titano : an original art deco sans family.

Total Eclipse : futuristic. Traiano : Trajan column style. Travertino : a sans workhorse family. The fonts then were slightly different. Most fonts have Greek and Cyrillic letters as well. View Leonardo Di Lena's typefaces. Flat-It [Ryoichi Tsunekawa].

Most of his work was done at Flat-It. An antiqued sans serif family that recalls the wood type era , Diamond Ring an art deco typeface inspired by Japanese cosmetics-packaging designs and posters from the late 19th and early 20th centuries , Controller techno meets organic in this rounded squaris sans family , Revolution Gothic an extended version of PAG Revolucion , , which was inspired by retro propaganda posters and wallpainting in Cuba from the 60s to 80s; Revolution Gothic P followed in , Diamond Ring art deco.

MyFonts link. Fontsquirrel link for their free fonts such as Bebas , industrial sans , Boycott, Gesso, and Pusab. YWFT link. View Ryoichi Tsunekawa's typefaces. Kernest link. About fonts in this new Truetype archive in Sweden. Creators of the sci-fi typeface Sci-Fi Box Typefaces from Game On marker pen font , Honey hexagonal , Amoreiza, Mountain, Baangkarr, Great Again, The Brocker grungy , Maallaang Bronks spurred baseball font , Natarajasana tall-ascendered script , Elkarnito a hand-crafted poster font , Carvino, Almondia sans , Lovalicious monoline connected script , Nunu squarish sci-fi font family.

Typefaces from Signatra a signage script by Fahrizal Tawakkal. Their designs can be bought here. Blogspot link. Newest Creative Market link. Designs Net link. The designer, Michael Hernan made these fonts between , and writes: About Neotechnic Series: This series of Fonts reflect the information industry at the end of the 20th century and its obsession with classification.

Each typeface captures a different aspect of our recent info-culture. He obtained an MA in typeface design from the University of Reading in At Reading, he designed Pseudo He started FontGroup in , but that no longer exists and the link died.

His old site, sitehernan , has not been updated in many years. Fonthead Design [Ethan Paul Dunham]. Plus JohnDoe , and old typewriter font. All formats, Mac and PC. MyFonts page. Free font download. In fact, in , Ethan Dunham became a very active web font persona, offering a commercial web font service, Fontspring , and a free font service, Fontsquirrel.

FontMeister [Elwin Berlips]. In his first life, he ran a free font site called 11th Floor , where he made these free typefaces in Civilization octagonal , Plastik-Film grungy semi-stencil , Raw grunge , Rocket-Fuel, Timeline, Greenlight dot matrix , Interstatic futuristic , Handsolo, Optimum, Roswell handwritten , Jean-Pierre handwriting , 11th Floor gridded.

A hand-printed chalkboard or poster face. FM Bebel A monoline organic rounded sans family. FM Secessionist Inspired by the Vienna secessionist Joseph Maria Olbrich, as seen on his architectural drawings from the s. FM Rossija A modular CD label face.

FM Julie An architectural hand. FM Aloysius Also inspired by the Viennese secessionists. FM Monomo is a simple, all caps, monospaced font. FM Kaantaa is a bold typeface that draws inspiration from stencil and technical typefaces. FM Ted is a simple geometric sans typeface.

FM Pointifax is a dot matrix typeface. In a third life, now as Elmigo at Dafont , he published the circle-based font Modern Ringflash View Font Meister Elwin Berlips's typefaces. This Cordoba, Argentina-based cinephile is interested in movie posters. Charmed after the movie Doctor Strange.

Fort Foundry [Mattox Shuler]. Type foundry in Washington state, est. Typefaces: Abolition An octagonal titling typeface. Bourbon , Gin These are sturdy mechanical typefaces with copperplate terminals. Factoria a squarish geometric slab. Industry Inc , Industry Industry Inc is a sturdy military sans family with ample layering beveled, 3D, inline, stencil, etc. Industry is a basic squarish sans family. Prohibition Octagonal design, almost as in varsity lettering.

Termina A modern take on Industria, a wide sans family designed by Hermann Zehnpfundt in for Emil Gursch. Rift A sci-fi all caps font family. Native A great monospaced typewriter style family. Designer of the all caps sci-fi typefaces Enixe and Excluded Aka Mocon. Italian designer b. Later typefaces include Klavier and Baba During his computer science studies at the University of Hamburg, Frank Bruder, a supporter of open source code software, designed several typefaces.

Aka Skotan.

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The land use along this corridor is mixed with commercial activity and Proceedings of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, Vol. Lavenia, as shown in Figure 1, were selected as survey areas. Lavenia Figure 1 Study area Colombo and selected corridor 3. Though survey design generally covers all these factors, in this study physical design is given more weight. Based on this research hypothesis, two different alterations have been planned. One is in system explanation way Media presented just prior to SP scenarios in questionnaires.

The other one is physical rearrangement of alternatives in SP questions in such a way the apparent level of complex LOC of SP question has been rearranged. These two studies were conducted in a time series of September, and September Residents were asked to choose their preference based upon their trip to Colombo core Pettah along the corridor from their household. In the Media-study survey, a system explanation is given prior to scenarios, as previously mentioned, with two different medias: a Written expressions alone without-image ; and, b Same written expressions with relevant pictures also with-image: Figure 2 to study the media effect by comparing the existing bus E.

Bus and the BRT elements. Therefore, in both cases, the questionnaire is exactly same other than one is with image and another is without image. The hypothetical questions were given with six scenarios. The hypothetical questions SP in the questionnaire of this survey contain two portions. The first portion of the hypothetical questions is similar to the previous survey where alternatives were selected in the same way as before, but this time, travel time variation attribute excluded, as this attributed found to be less familiar.

The second portion of the hypothetical questions has been designed by picking one scenario out of four scenarios from the first portion Figure 9. The four alternatives of the selected scenario were rearranged to form a sequence of pairs similar to binary choice game cards.

Therefore, one scenario one choice out of 4 alternatives will make series of pairs 4 pairs; 4 choices. Because of questionnaire length, in this survey only one scenario has been rearranged and compared. In the first portion, four alternatives were given simultaneously per scenario whereas, in the later portion, sequences of pairs were given.

The levels of complexity assumed to be depends on number of alternatives per scenario trade-off complexity. Thus, first portion is assumed to be complex while second portion apparently less complex respectively for respondents to choose.

A respondent receives both simultaneous-set and sequential-pairs. Figure 2 shows the system explanation page of questionnaire presented to the respondents before the hypothetical questions scenarios. In this Media-study, the full-set SP technique where respondents receive questions randomly was not adopted instead SP with same questions for all respondents were purposely used to compare the pure effect of Media. A SP questionnaire was given with six scenarios and each scenario was having four alternatives.

Each alternative with four attributes and maximum attribute levels were set to three. Each respondent received 6 scenario x 4 alternative question sets and one sample scenario of the SP questionnaire is given below in Figure 3.

This less rate is mainly due to conduction method of drop-and-pick-up method purposely added to eliminate interviewer interfere on BRT demonstration and also because users were not so familiar with this survey method. In general, interview method is the most common and a little familiar method to collect data in developing countries. Bike Car owned-commuters were aggregated in the left P. Bus Service Bus and right side of the Figure 4.

It can be seen P. It has been observed that the income variable was poorly responded as it exists even in developed countries. Also, the car Without. Imag With. The variation in age segment is 60 illustrated in Figure 5 and it shows the effect 40 of image among all groups, although the 20 effect differs across age segments. The right side Non Response rate distribution, in Figure 6, says that the media of E. Bus BRT with and with-image are giving effect on With response and with-image media is superior in Without explain the system to unfamiliar users.

With Without Non-response rate has also been tested out with considering each category and only two Figure 7 BRT preference and non response rate scenarios shown in Figure 7. By considering Figure 6 right side and Figure 7, it could be concluded that for the same information but system explanation media gives considerable influence on preference. Thus it is very important to consider every single change in questionnaire design in the contest of developing countries. Considering the output of Media-study, this LOC-study was planned to be conducted using the selected media of with-image for all respondents.

Also, it was planned to adopt paper-based household personal interview surveys rather than drop-and-pick-up conduction. Level of complexity of the hypothetical questions has been planned to test by adopting two different levels of complexity in terms of number of alternatives per choice set: simultaneous-set and sequentialpairs.

In case of simultaneous-set, SP questionnaire was having four scenarios and each scenario was having four alternatives. Each alternative was presented with three attributes and at most three attribute levels. Selected attributes and their level values are as given in Table 5.

A sample scenario from the simultaneous-set is given below in Figure 8. Unlike Media-study, here the simultaneous-set were given randomly to eash respondents, as typical SP survey conduction method. In oder to compare the effect of level of complexity, a scenario, given in the simultaneous-set, was broken down into different pairs and rearranged to the form of sequential-pair of hypothetical question sets, as menthioned above.

By considering respondent burden, in terms of questionnaire length, in this LOC-study, only a single scenario has been selected from simultaneous-set and given in sequential-pair form. Therefore, one particular respondent will receive four simultaneous-sets and one sequential-pair, which has rearranged from one of the simultaneous-set scenario.

For example, Figure 9 depicts the corresponding sequential-pairs for the simultaneous-set sample given in Figure 8. Interview was conducted by: visited household in-person; explained the purpose; if respondent accepted explained filling method; and collected back in-person same time by waiting.

Based on the collected sample, the analysis has been made in the following order. Some variable and their values or dummy values used in the analysis in Table 6. From 10 a , it can be seen that male participation is double compare to female counterpart. It is due to the local culture that generally female response only if man of the household is absent. The same behavior can also seen in age groups. Therefore, reaching all segment groups is difficult in developing countries.

As income is minded as sensitive information, people generally use to be reluctant to declare their own income. However, household income data is little better and it can be seen from part d of the Figure By observing the vehicle ownership motor-bike also included and car ownership Proceedings of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, Vol. Among car owned household, most of them possess only one car and it may be used by more than one person.

This might be also the reason, beside the economic reason mentioned earlier, behind the fact that car owned commuters also uses public buses. The following utility function was considered in this study and it is given in Equation 1. The derived modal for the formation, shown in Equation 1 , using basic attributes alone, is given in Table 7. The additional cases were also prepared with different combination of additional attributes of sex, age, income etc.

But, the attributes of personal information were observed as not much reliable in producing Proceedings of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, Vol. Therefore few more cases have been made with cross checking attribute like car ownership, household type etc. The car-ownership attribute has shown comparably a good model and is given in Table 8. The model accuracy measured by Rho-square values maximum likelihood ratio are also in the accepted range 0. In order to compare model difference, statistically, BRT preferences were calculated based on utility functions and derived models using actual values of attributes given to each individual, and tabulated in Table 9.

Table 9 BRT preference comparison of modals with some selected example values Eq. Thus, car ownership said to be correlate with literacy in developing countries, and identified as important index. The clear difference in BRT preference across different segments could be seen only from sequential-pair Seq. It dictates that sequential-pair might be easier in trade-off selection, as it only deals with binary choice per selection though the questionnaire might be lengthy.

Overall, the observed preference is not same from these two levels of complexity even though questions were conceptually same. Therefore, this study has designed a survey approach using hypothetical question settings in contest of new transit system implementation in developing countries. Physical design of questionnaire is considered under two different theme; system explanation ways Media and level of question complexity LOC.

The study has observed the basic problem in covering all segment groups into the survey. Due to concentrated response on specific segments and very less response from other segments, introducing segmental variations into the model becomes impossible. Pictorial superiority in transferring the information is found in the with-image case and with-image media has been concluded as a better media for demonstrating the new system in questionnaire surveys.

This study identified sequential-pair, where respondents receive pairs of alternatives, can gives more reliable information and suitable for developing countries. Car-ownership has been found as a good index of literacy. Therefore questionnaire design needs more attentiveness on new transit implementation in developing countries.

A difference in response has obviously observed but the cause of such difference is still not answered qualitatively. Gwilliam, K. Number 15, Institute for transportation and Development Policy, Jones, P. Kuklys, w. Leal, M. Limanond, T. Louviere, J. Richardson, A. Sanko, N.

Walter, K. For example, in Fig3, since alternative 1 is faster and cheaper than alternative 2, who will chose alternative 2? It is not good in representing. Therefore, Fig3 is replaced with 2nd scenario. Overall The title of the paper seems to focus on questionnaire design but the contents are actually more on the analysis of the survey. Therefore, Table 9 has been replaced with more statistically sound tabulation. The objective of the study is to examine the efficiencies of three educational methods on increasing the understanding about BRT of local transport officials as well as changing their attitudes toward implementation of BRT in their cities.

Introduction Rapid motorization in cities in developing countries has put a pressure on the limited budget of many municipal governments in the provision of mobility for the community. In developing countries, transport planners typically choose to work out the problem by improving their bus system rather than railway system. However, as the population reaches a certain level, bus services could not serve the actual mobility need of the residents, and mass rapid transport is clearly imperative for a sustainable economic growth.

When planning for mass transit systems, various respects need to be scrutinized including building and operation cost, service capacity, efficiency etc. And as a matter of course, the building of such a transport system involves a lot of funds, therefore it requires not only the consensus of government officials but more important the advocacy of the public as well. In view of that, a bus-based mass transit system named Bus Rapid Transit BRT is considered an option appropriate with the local conditions of developing cities7, Initiated in Curitiba Brazil in , BRT has become popular in cities throughout the world12 due to numerous strong points such as flexibility, cost-saving, and ability to build quickly14 as comparing to rail which requires much more initial investment as well as time to construct.

Although many successful implementations of BRT have been demonstrated worldwide1, the application of BRT still meets certain obstructions Accordingly, one of those barriers comes from government officials who may lack knowledge of options like BRT or at a lesser degree, have low awareness about the benefit of BRT. Wright14 further conceded that many developing cities still do not have basic understanding about the potential of BRT.

For that reason, as an initial step raising the awareness of local planners about the need of such a system plays an important role in development of BRT for any developing city. This paper reports a pilot effort to disseminate the concept of BRT and its goodness in transportation planning to transport professionals in the two developing cities of Bangkok Thailand and Colombo Sri Lanka where BRT may have high possibility of success if applicable. As a brief description, Bangkok is a mega-city having the estimated population of 9.

However, the two cities share an inherent characteristic with other developing cities, that is, frequent congestions have increasingly damaged on economic and community life. Consequently, it is known that the operation of traditional forms of public transit has shown many - - deficiencies and unreliability8, To meet the demand, the system needs to be ameliorated by implementing mass transit forms; and BRT is a feasible solution that deems to be interested by the authority of these two cities.

On the above background, the main objective of this study is to examine the efficiencies of different educational methods to increase the understanding as well as to change attitude of local transport officials about the implementation of BRT system in their cities. Specifically, the role of public attitudes toward BRT on affecting the perception and attitude of transport planners and the effectiveness of providing information on operating practices of BRT to enhance comprehension for transport professionals were examined.

Furthermore, the paper also demonstrates an example of increasing the willingness to implement BRT through applying behavioral plan method2,4 on the basic of psychological theories of implementation intention3,5. Accordingly, a method to ask the subjects to concretize their thinking and intentions on paper was applied.

This was to furnish the subjects with implementation intentions6 and thus may help increase the probability of putting their effort toward the expected behavior. Method In each target city, two subject groups, i. In Bangkok, the participants were 20 officials working in transport authorities and 24 randomly selected students in King Mongkut's Institute of Technology University. In Colombo, however, participants could attend either one of the two workshops. Thirty three and 46 students in University of Moratuwa participated in the first and the second workshop while for the participants as transport planners, the numbers are 50 and 25, respectively.

Descriptive statistic of these samples can be referred in Table 1. Additionally, some illustrations of the graphical images used for the presentations and of the pictures describing the implementation of the workshops can be seen in Appendix. Table 1: Descriptive statistic of the samples in the experiments st Trans. After each of these two steps, they answered a same questionnaire about BRT. These beliefs were measured on five-point scales that ranged from 1 not at all to 5 yes strongly.

The detail of the questions used in the questionnaires of all attempts, i. Pnr All Attempts expt Expt. Q: Do you think that it is easy to use BRT? This questionnaire whose questions are described in Table 2 was similar to the one used in the first experiment, except that an extra three questions was added to acquire in more detail the possibility of transport planners to implement BRT.

Following the questionnaire survey, as the second phase of the second workshop all participants listened to a presentation about using and operating practices of model BRT - - systems in some cities. After that, they were requested to answer an exact duplicate of the questionnaire in the previous step.

It is presumed that behavior plan method could help a formation of implementation intention, which is the intention to implement a planned behavior. After they had drawn the route s on the map, those professionals were asked to give their answers to a questionnaire containing exactly same questioned beliefs with those in the second phase see Table 2. For each phase of the experiment, the mean scores of the beliefs of transport professionals on BRT are shown in Table 3 and Table 4, noted that here the result of the first experiment was of the survey implemented after the graphical presentation.

With almost all scores in the two samples much higher than the neutral level of 3, the result indicates that the planners in Bangkok and Colombo have positive attitude toward use of BRT as well as high perception on the implementation of BRT for their cities Note that scores in Bangkok sample were found to be higher for nearly all beliefs after three phases of the second experiment than in Colombo sample, and the transport planners in Colombo seems to perceive that it was difficult to implement BRT, while those transport professionals in Bangkok showed neutral attitude about this.

Accordingly, paired-samples t-tests were performed across the first experiment and three phases of the second experiment. For Colombo, the panel dataset could not be obtained therefore only the means scores of three phases of the second experiment were compared to test if there was any significant difference between phases of the experiment.

The results are shown in Table 3 for Bangkok and in Table 4 for Colombo. Effects of the provision of public attitudes and perceptions on BRT With respect to the effect of the provision of the result how the public think about BRT, a compare between the first experiment and phase 1 of the second experiment yielded - - significant differences at.

This can mean that the gain of these scores was as a result of the method applied. Table 4: Mean scores, standard deviation and T-test of the beliefs of transport professionals on the implementation and use of BRT between three phases of the 2nd experiment in Colombo nd st 1 Expt. T-test Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 vs. This implies that the method had significant effect on changing the attitudes of those transport planners in Bangkok.

For Colombo, Table 4 shows there was nearly no significant difference between the scores before and after applying this method. These results suggest that the method did not show up effects on the target planners in Colombo. This combined effect can be seen more clearly in Bangkok sample in which most of the belief scores were significant different between the two phases.

Discussion The study examined the effect of three educational methods, i. T-tests comparing between phases of the experiments applying these methods were implemented and the result showed different effects of each method on each country. Firstly, for the method that provides for transport planners the result of attitude and - - perceptions of the public in the previous survey, it was found that transport planners could change their attitudes following the wish of the public.

This result implies that transport professionals may usually underestimate public attitude toward a new transport system such as BRT. However, at the same time it is worth mentioning that with this stand-alone intervention there were still many beliefs having no significant change.

Such perceptions may be formed while the transport planners compare their city with the introduced cities that succeeded in implementing BRT. However, for this method, it should be remarked that the increases were mostly marginally significant and still limited in a few main beliefs. This method succeeded to increase the implementation intention for the planners in Bangkok toward a possible BRT scheme.

However, from the result of the third phase it can be concluded that asking them to concretize their comprehension and intention on a paper is clearly a better tool to urge the subjects to form implementation intentions. This experimental result therefore partially presents a practical support for the behavioral plan method in changing perception as well as intensifying intention. However, this method had shown no significant effect for the sample in Colombo. The difference of the results between Bangkok and Colombo was not clear.

It may be due to the difference between attributes of the planners in two cities. The differences can be deduced from the fact that transport officials in Bangkok may have much more information about BRT than those counterparts in Colombo. This is because the ideas to built BRT have been discussed since last two decades in Bangkok and so far many reports and visual presentations have been done.

Still, the author noticed that there was one difference in the experimental condition between the two cities. We had enough - - time for the second workshop in Bangkok, but for some reasons, less time was given to the one in Colombo. Therefore, there was not enough time for making plans in the last phase. This may be a reason of the difference between the results in Colombo and Bangkok.

Still, even in Colombo, the combination of the method of providing detailed information on BRT operation practices and the method of requesting for detailed plan in map was found to be necessary to modify the attitude of planners in this city.

The effectiveness of the combination of these two educational methods was also found in Bangkok. These results may also imply that enhancing both comprehension of practical information and formation of implementation intention would be useful in persuading and raising the awareness about the benefit of BRT for planners. Therefore, a package of several educational methods would be more effective.

Definitely, such a package would have increasing effect in other developing countries where planners have higher capability of comprehending practical information. Conclusion and recommendation Three educational methods have been found to have significant effects on changing attitude toward BRT as well as enhancing perception on the implementation of BRT. The efficiency of each method was also found to be dependent on the conditions of the specific country.

By applying this method, the intention of transport policy makers in implementing BRT would increase following the wish of the public. This much behavioral method would increase implementation intention toward implementing BRT system. Fjellstrom, K, Diaz, O.

Fujii, S. Determinants of the effectiveness of travel feedback programs - A review of communicative mobility management measures for changing travel behavior in Japan. Structural equation modeling of determinants of implementation intentions. Gollwitzer, P. The volitional benefits of planning. Gollwitzer and J. Bargh, Eds. Guilford Press, New York. Implementation intentions and effective goal pursuit.

Hidalgo, D. Mitric, S. Rujopakarn, W. Bangkok transport system development: What went wrong? Sivakulmar, T. Transportation Research Board. Urban Development Authority — Sri Lanka. Wright, L. Bus Rapid Transit. Appendix — Some illustrations on the experimental workshops Fig.

Tuenjai Fukuda, Mr. Ryosuke Oshima, Mr. Atit Tippichai to for their organization of the workshops in Bangkok. Please fill your age and identify your income level. Male 2. No income 2. Less than 6, 7. Please identify your occupation. Government officer 4. Housewife 7. High school student Elementary school student 2.

Company officer 5. Professional 8. Junior high school student Unemployed 3. Business owner 6. Vocational school student Please answer the following question. Do you have a Car or Motorcycle license and private Car or Motorcycle? Have 1. Car License Not have 2. Private Car Have how many? Motorcycle License Have Not have 4. Private Motorcycle Not have Have how many?

Not have Q4. Please answer the following question: Do you usually use the paratransit? How often are you use paratransit? What is your purpose that use the paratransit Check all that apply 1. Access to Office 4. Access to another soi 7. Access to home Go to shopping Market 2. Access to school 5. Access to Bus stop 8. Deriver goods Go to shopping Mini shop or convenience store 3.

Access to Street 6. Access to Subway station 9. Call for Taxi How much is you pay and why are you use paratransit? How much are you pay for the service? Fast 4. Safe 8. Have heavy baggage 6. Do you satisfy the existing service fee of paratransit? If the service fee increase, what your choice Increase Baht 1. Still take 2. Stop to take 3. Decrease the ride how many times? Still ride 2. Stop the ride 3. Increase Baht 4 Etc. Increase Baht 1. What is your main transportation? After get out the paratransit 1.

Regular bus 2. Mini bus 3. Air condition bus 4. Taxi 5. Motorcycle 6. Walk 8. Tuck Tuck 9. How much are you paying and why are you using this main transportation? How much can you pay for the Transportation service per month? If paratransit waiting at soi entrance, Do you use it unconditionally? Disagree Q Why are you not using the paratransit? House near to Steer 4.

Hot 7. Not convenience 5. Expensive 8. Family Pick-up and Drop-off convenient more than soi bike 3. Please answer the following question: What kind of schedule do you work? Please answer the following question: How many times do you average service a day? Head 2. Government 3. Discuss with group 4. Passenger 5. Driver 6. Please answer the following question: Are you satisfied the existing service area?

Please answer the following question: Who decide the service fee? The price variations are averaged to create a fair market value for the property being appraised. This type of real estate appraisal is considered the most reliable and accurate appraisal as it utilizes recent market values on similar properties.

This type of appraisal uses analytics to predict the behavior of market participants of income producing investment properties. When deciding to purchase an investment property, most commercial real estate investors are interested in the income possibilities or historical income performance data, quantified by a capitalization rate. This type of appraisal is more technical and in depth than a residential appraisal and requires an appraiser with additional training, experience and credentials.

When purchasing either a commercial or residential property, a real estate appraisal or market valuation is a standard procedure. Enabling both parties in the real estate transaction to understand the fair market value of the subject property. For your safety, we follow C. Email: info blackmarlin-cp. All rights reserved. Your Name required. Your Email required.

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